The Phoenix Used Cars Dealers That Get It Right

The Phoenix used car dealers that get it right are simply the ones that offer the best customer service, best value and highest quality cars. While there is many used car dealers throughout the region, there is one used car dealer in particular that has gained the admiration of the residents of Phoenix for several years running. Liberty Cars and Trucks is without a doubt a trusted and respected name in the local used car industry. Word-of-mouth and referral business lets prospective customers know that this is a quality used car dealer that makes excellent customer service a top priority.

Take The Stress Out Of Owning A Vehicle

As a premier used car dealer phoenix AZ car buyers trust and respect, Liberty Cars and Trucks has built a reputation on selling quality vehicles at discounted prices. In addition, the company offers a variety of warranties designed to help automobile owners offset the cost of unexpected repairs. Warranties are a great way to take the stress out of owning a vehicle. When automobile owners purchase a warranty they are in effect entering into a contract with a warranty company that will agree to repair the car if there is a problem.

Discounts And Other Unique Offers

Liberty Cars and Trucks is proud of its reputation for being one of the most dependable and trustworthy used-car dealers in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Best of all, the company routinely makes available a variety of specials, discounts and other unique offers such a scratch and dent sales. This is just one more way that Liberty Cars and Trucks helps customers to save money when purchasing a used car or used truck. From knowledgeable mechanics to experienced car sales experts and friendly customer service representatives, this is one used-car dealer in Phoenix that has gained the respect of the community.

Pick The Exact Vehicle

Another important aspect of choosing to work with Liberty Cars and Trucks when you are ready to buy a quality used car or used truck is that the company continually maintains an extensive inventory of cars and trucks. This is important because this allows car buyers to choose carefully and pick the exact vehicle that they wish to buy. Contact Liberty Cars and Trucks anytime you are in the market for car or truck. Affordability and quality are always top priorities with this premier used car dealer.

Liberty is an A+ Accredited Independent Dealer Established in 1991, family owned and operated, even though we dont have fake family photos of happy people on our CL adds, or alluring head shots of girls instead of quality vehicle photographs, and a bunch of "Mumbo Jumbo", that never pans out, we do have:

A perfect A+ Rating, with No Complaints at the Arizona Better Business Bureau, and we have been accredited member of the agency for more than a decade adhering to the strictest of guidelines and practices.

We are a licensed dealer in good standing with the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles

We hold two Banking licenses with the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions both of which are also in good standing

We are a TrueCar Certified dealer committed to truth and transparency in every aspect of how we treat the customer. Its a radically new way to buy a car.

In business for nearly a quarter century we have built strategic relationships with a multitude of lenders to offer our customers the very best rates and terms.

Our in-house programs are designed for those who could otherwise for some reason or another not qualify for sub-prime financing, and though our loan structures we have kept our loss rates down to less than 5%, then after 3-4 months of good payment history we transfer those good paying customers to larger lenders giving them opportunities that they may not have at other independent or BHPH dealerships